Creating Family Harmony

For Busy Parents of Strong Willed Kids.

About Robbin

Helping parents with strong willed, difficult, highly emotional  and hard-to-parent kiddos is my passion!

Parent Support

Learn How I Can Help
Transform Your Family
& Change Your Children’s Behaviors

Parenting Support

What if you knew exactly what to say and do in the face of your child’s troubling behavior, explosive emotions, refusal to cooperate, constant demands and extra needs?

During our time together, you will learn to put the new tools and strategies into practice to start creating new behaviors and new emotional responses for both you and your child.

  • I will help you in a variety of areas:
  • Daily frustrations that seem to happen on repeat - like getting kids out the door, bedtime & homework battles.
  • Meltdowns and explosive behaviors - so both you and your child can get to calm quickly.
  • Defiance and refusal to follow your requests - find out why they won't listen and how to get them to.
  • Strong willed kids - who's behavior and demands make everyone in the family feel like they're walking on eggshells.
  • Sibling battles - end the fighting and bickering so you raise kids who are friends for life.
  • Get your kids to listen  - without yelling and repeating.
  • Understanding why you feel triggered- and what you can do to feel calm and confident in any situation with your kids.
  • Development stages brain science - and why this is the key to unlocking the secrets of parenting.
  • Feelings & needs - yours and your child’s and why getting your needs met is essential to everyone's wellbeing.
  • Raising emotionally intelligent and resilient kids - because we want our kids to be able to tackle whatever life throws at them!
  • How to raise kids who have a strong sense of self worth and self confidence - because we want our kids to thrive in this complicated world.
  • Work and homelife balance - strategies to help you stop feeling like you're burning the candle at both ends.

And MUCH MORE - I can tailor my program to whatever your needs and struggles are.

If you're ready to start your journey to healing yourself and building harmony, lets do this!

Parenting for Connection Group program - 12 months of consistent support

In this program you have:

  • lifetime access to my library of courses and resources including my signature course, Parenting for Connection
  • Multiple Zoom calls each and every week with Robbin to help you through the challenges that are unique to your family. Robbin hosts the calls and answers all the questions from members. No question will be left unanswered.
  • Community hub: a safe, judgement free place with likeminded parents where you can share your wins, and struggles and get support from Robbin and the community 7 days a week.

$1500 USD or $150 USD per month

Private sessions

Robbin is here to provide you with the extra support you may need as a parent. Whether you're looking for advice on how to manage a difficult situation or just need someone to talk to, Robbin is here to listen.

Through private sessions, you can get the one-on-one attention you need to discuss your sensitive parenting challenges. 

This is a great option for blended families, parents who struggle with their co-parenting and parents with complicated childhood experiences. 

Every family is unique and Robbin is here to help you in any way possible. 

6 hours $1500 USD
10 hours $2000 USD

Free Resourses

Because every parent deserves to feel calm and confident and
enjoy being with their kids!

Resources for Parents of Strong Willed Kids


I offer a variety of resources to support you in your parenting!


Free Resources

Family Checkup Call - Speak with me directly! I make time in my calendar every week to speak with parents to discuss what their facing and and what next steps they can take to restore their harmony, sanity, and relationship with their kids.

Parent Toolbox - Our Ever-Expanding Collection of Parent Expert Tools and Resources is Now Yours - FREE
Learn to connect with your family and control negative emotions through the Parent Toolbox tools!
Gain access to our complete resource history AND all future additions as the collection continues to grow! You’ll learn some vital topics, such as
● The BEST methods used to keep your kids safe on technology.
● HOW to prepare for an impending meltdown…
● The TRUTH about teen anxiety! Is it good or bad?
● PLUS: The SECRET key to positivity, and so much more

Parenting our Future podcast - With 200 episodes and counting, you'll find episodes to address anything you're facing from toddlers to teens, and neurotypical to neurodiverse. Listen in as I interview top experts from all over the parenting space

Parenting for Connection YouTube Channel - weekly videos with easy to implement strategies on how to solve the parenting frustrations that come from raising strong willed, defiant and hard-to- parent kids through the practice of peacefully parenting them

Working Moms With Strong Willed Kids Facebook Group - If you're looking for a community of like minded parents that's safe, judgement free and private, join us. I host events, live calls and offer support withing the group.

Parenting Support

Do you have a difficult-to-parent child?

If you have a child who has intense behaviors, explosive emotions, doesn’t want to cooperate, and only seems happy when they get their way?


 I’m here to tell you if you’ve struggled in your parenting, it’s not your fault!

You don’t have to feel like you’re not cut out to be a parent, that it’s too late for your child or worried they aren’t going to be ready for their future!

​If you’ve ever felt lost, triggered, uncertain, and powerless against your child’s confusing, irrational, and hurtful behavior…


​Through my services, my clients can gain clarity and confidence in their parenting roles, build strong relationships with their children and create a home environment that reflects their values.

What sets my services apart is that I have not only studied the art of parenting,

I have also lived it with an extremely difficult child.

​I have experienced the struggles and successes of parenting and I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, disrespected and frustrated. But, I also know what it’s like to transform my family dynamic in a way that allowed me to feel calm in the face of any kind of behavior, confident in my parenting decisions, all so I could connect with my kids and bring out the best in them.

​After working with hundreds of families, I’ve developed a unique approach to help parents understand their challenging children, calm their big emotions, handle daily challenges, and change unwanted behavior.

I’m here to provide the tools, support and guidance parents need to build strong, lasting relationships with their children.

As Seen In:

Why Robbin

What is a “Difficult-to-parent” child?

There are some kids who are harder to parent than others.

​These are kids who have trouble hearing the word “no”, and have big explosive emotions when they don’t get what they want.

​They may have a diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, ASD, or not, but because of their big emotions and and frustrating behaviors, if feels like the whole family is being held captive and on edge, not sure when the next outburst will happen or how long it will last…this time.

The system I’ve created helps parents to stop the meltdowns before they even happen, change their troubling behaviors, and reach their child in ways they haven’t been able to.

​These are kids who aren’t “bad,” they’re misunderstood, highly sensitive and have some extra needs. As parents, you don’t need to worry anymore about the judgement of others, your child’s future, or if your child is destined to always struggle.

About Robbin

Robbin McManne: Parenting Coach

My name is Robbin McManne and I, like so many,  struggled for years because I wasn’t the parent I wanted to be.  I struggled to find connection with my two boys.  I had so much love for them , but I found I was often overwhelmed with their needs and losing my temper on a regular basis (sometimes even more than them!).  The more frustrated I got, the unhappier I felt.  I knew what I was doing wasn’t working and that there must be a better way. 

Through searching for answers, found the Conscious Parenting community.  I discovered how I could connect with my kids and through this connection, I found myself, I found joy, and I found my life’s work…but most importantly, I found connection with the people I love the most on this earth, my two boys!

I am a certified Parenting Coach through the Jai Institute for Parenting.  I have worked with a wide variety of parents from Canada,  The United States, Australia, New Zeland and the UK.   I feel honoured to have found this way of parenting and to be able to help families who are experiencing some of the same struggles I have faced.  Because of this work, I am a more confident, happy and connected parent.


In addition to my work as a Parent Coach, I am an author and a public speaker.

 I live on the beautiful West Coast.  Together with my husband Cory, we are raising two fun, energetic and athletic boys.  When I’m not working, I enjoy being active, connecting with friends & family and being a cheerleader on the sidelines of my boys’ sports.  

My Comittment

I will work hard for you and your family so you can achieve the changes you are looking for.  You will be held in a space of support, non-judgement and free of critisizm

My Mission

To help parents truly understand their kids’ emotions and behavior so they can quickly and peacefully solve any conflict.

Parenting Podcast

Get Access to the Parenting Our Future Podcast

Gain access to our complete resource library AND all future additions as
the collection continues to grow!

You’ll learn some vital topics, such as :

● The BEST methods used to keep your kids safe on technology.

● HOW to prepare for an impending meltdown…

● The TRUTH about teen anxiety! Is it good or bad?

● PLUS: The SECRET key to getting kids to listen, and so much more!

Best Selling Book

Learn How To Put An End To
The Yelling Matches With Your Kids,

Move Past The “Battle of Wills” &
Get Them To Listen!

…Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re exhausted


If you want to get your kids to cooperate and listen without raising your voice or having to ask a hundred times…this is the most important book you’ll ever read.

How much is it worth to you to build a strong relationship with your child and helping them grow as independent, confident and loved child?

All the money in the world wouldn´t be enough!!

But just for a limited time I’m pretty much giving it away for ONLY $ 13.97 USD. 

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Hire Robbin to Speak at Your Event, to Your Staff or Host a Workshop
If you’re looking for a fun, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker to ignite and inspire a group, look no further!

Robbin will create an interactive and thought-provoking presentation that will keep the listeners hooked and learning key tools to connect and communicate, in a whole new way.

While Robbin specializes in parenting, she can also speak on work/life balance, and dealing with overwhelm that comes with building a business or being a driven business leader.


Speaking Engagements

Robbin is a dynamic and engaging speaker with over 15 years experience.

Robbin's Keynote

How Increasing Productivity in Parent Employees Decreases Retention Problems

Robbin unpacks what modern employees are looking for in the workplace and how the needs they have as parents, when met, result in more focused, dedicated and productive employees. Robbin shares the small changes a company can make to meet their needs which is proven to improve retention, job satisfaction and the company's bottom line.

Keynote Speaking also covers:

Dealing with Disrespect, Bad Behavior and Kids Who Don't Listen

  • How peaceful parents get more cooperation
  • How YOU determine your child's behavior
  • What your child really wants
  • How your words and thoughts change your child's behavior

The Truth About Why Your Kids Don't Listen To You

  • How putting your relationship first with your kids, isn’t spoiling them
  • What your child is really trying to tell you
  • How to say yes and no effectively

How to Balance the Overwhelm of Parenting and Being a Business Leader

  • How to be more present in your parenting, while you scale your business
  • How to manage your time so you show up as powerful CEO of your business and your home
  • How to feel as confident in your parenting as you do running your business

Fees and Availability.

Speaking Engagements: Starting at $2500 USD

Workshops: Starting at $5000 USD and include workbooks and additional support and can range from one to three days.

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