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Client Testimonials

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I honestly do not know how to put into words how Robbin has helped me.

I first talked to her on my birthday after having yet another major meltdown at the children while getting them ready for bed.

I realized something had to change. I had been looking for some sort of parenting course for awhile and when I read about Robbin I decided I would try the discovery call with her. I knew the very moment I spoke to her that she was what I had been seeking.

What she helped me realize was that I was in such a bad place myself that trying to fix my relationship with my children couldn’t happen until I took steps to fix what was broken in me.

She didn’t give up on me, and I’m incredibly grateful to her for that. I am in a much better place today, I’m happier, calmer and able to handle situations with my children much better. I look forward, now that I’m able, to put the actual course material into consistent practice!

- Colleen Mitchell, CA

Finding Robbin and talking to her was the best investment I ever did in my parenting life !! She is simply amazing , so sweet and kind and understanding , makes you feel like you are the best parent , makes you believe in yourself and be kind to yourself and love and respect yourself and once you do that then you can become the best parent for your child/ren !!

Thank you Robbin

- Mozhgan S., North Vancouver, BC

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Children are not a distraction from more important work. 

They are the most important work.

~C.S. Lewis

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