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Parent Support

complimentary resources
for all parents

Resources for Parents of Strong Willed Kids

I offer a variety of resources to support you in your parenting! 

Free Support

Family Checkup Call -  Speak with me directly!  I make time in my calendar every week to speak with parents to discuss what their facing and and what next steps they can take to restore their harmony, sanity, and relationship with their kids. 

Parent Toolbox
- Our Ever-Expanding Collection of Parent Expert Tools and Resources is Now Yours - FREE
Learn to connect with your family and control negative emotions through the Parent Toolbox tools!
Gain access to our complete resource history AND all future additions as the collection continues to grow! You’ll learn some vital topics, such as
● The BEST methods used to keep your kids safe on technology.
● HOW to prepare for an impending meltdown…
● The TRUTH about teen anxiety! Is it good or bad?
● PLUS: The SECRET key to positivity, and so much more

Parenting our Future podcast  - With 200 episodes and counting, you'll find episodes to address anything you're facing from toddlers to teens, and neurotypical to neurodiverse.  Listen in as I interview top experts from all over the parenting space

Parenting for Connection YouTube Channel  - weekly videos with easy to implement strategies on how to solve the parenting frustrations that come from raising strong willed, defiant and hard-to- parent kids through the practice of peacefully parenting them

Working Moms With Strong Willed Kids Facebook Group  - If you're looking for a community of like minded parents that's safe, judgement free and private, join us.  I host events, live calls and offer support withing the group.
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