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Speaking Engagements
& Workshops


Hire Robbin to Speak at Your Event, to Your Staff or Host a Workshop

If you're looking for a fun, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker
to ignite and inspire a group, look no further! 

Robbin will create an interactive and thought-provoking presentation that will keep the listeners hooked and learning key tools to connect and communicate, in a whole new way.  

While Robbin specializes in parenting, she can also speak on work/life balance, and dealing with overwhelm that comes with building a business or being a driven business leader.  

For more information on Robbin's workshops and presentations, visit 

Dealing with Disrespect, Bad Behavior and Kids Who Don't Listen

  • How peaceful parents get more cooperation

  • How YOU determine your child's behavior

  • What your child really wants

  • How your words and thoughts change your child's behavior


The Truth About Why Your Kids Don't Listen To You

  • How putting your relationship first with your kids, isn’t spoiling them

  • What your child is really trying to tell you

  • How to say yes and no effectively


How to Balance the Overwhelm of Parenting and Being a Business Leader

  • How to be more present in your parenting, while you scale your business

  • How to manage your time so you show up as powerful CEO of your business and your home

  • How to feel as confident in your parenting as you do running your business

Fees and Availability. 

Speaking Engagements: Starting at $2500 USD

Workshops: Starting at $5000 USD and  include workbooks and additional support

and can range from one to three days. 

To speak with Robbin directly about your needs and her availability, schedule a call with her to discuss. 

What people are saying:

“We were very excited when Robbin agreed to be a speaker at Nanny Jamboree 2019! Robbin presented a workshop called Caring for Kids in Today’s Complicated World. 

We were impressed by how prepared and organized Robbin was, including bringing her own stand for presenting and having informative handouts prepared for attendees. 


Robbin spoke well and was very engaging. You can tell she has a great passion for what she does, and that really shines through during her presentations. Our participants were engaged and enjoyed her workshop from the moment she began. They learned a lot, and so did we. 


Robbin is a lovely person with a great big heart. She is extremely friendly and just a delight to speak with. We wish we had more of a chance to chat. 


One of our participants provided the following feedback: “I loved the message about active compassionate listening and found this very useful".

We would gladly welcome Robbin back to Nanny Jamboree anytime, and recommend her services to parents and industry professionals. “

Adele Perry 

2019 Nanny Jamboree Organizer


As one of the leaders for a local Holistic Moms group, I am always looking for new speakers to present at our monthly meetings.  I came across Robbin online and reached out to coordinate a virtual meeting for our members.


Our meeting with Robbin was one of the best meetings we have had since I have been a leader (in the last 3 years)! She was able to connect with each of us and provide individual ideas based on our family dynamics.

It seemed like everything she said individually to each of us resonated with the other moms as well.

Although virtual, Robbin was able provide a safe space for us to be vulnerable, to share our struggles, and to grow as she was able to empower us to be better moms.


Thank you so much, Robbin, for giving our Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network such an amazing experience. We all look forward to reading your book and learning more about how to handle our emotions, support our children, and create, within our families,  gentle and respectful relationships. Thanks again -- Jackie Hines


Dr. Jacquelyn Hines

Holistic Moms Of New Jersey

Robbin was gracious enough to attend our fundraising event on April 7, 2018 as our special guest speaker to help us bring more awareness to the subject of mental health and how it impacts families.


We felt her talk was appropriate and relevant in contributing to the message we were trying to get across to our guests.

Robbin has a unique and practical approach to this subject matter, her lively personality, and expertise is a refreshing combination!


She is extremely approachable and patient with an ability to quickly recognize and address family issues and concerns.

Due to her own personal experiences and growth along with a variety of courses taken, Robbin has completely immersed herself in this field wholeheartedly.


We would strongly recommend Robbin as an expert in this field who speaks from the heart.


Her work, in our estimation,  is above par and she is a credit to the the work she does for families. 


Melissa Beck & Helen Taylor - Women of Wellness group participating in the Total Makeover Challenge

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