• Robbin McManne

My FaceBook FOMO FAil

My oldest has graduated from grade 7 last week, and is now out of Elementary School, and on to High School! WHOA!! This is one of these moments I became a mom for. To see my kids grow up and move through life. It’s hard to believe I have a son that is a teenager and in High School…almost!

I’ve been seeing my friends’ social media posts of their kids ‘graduating’ grade 7 and

I was excited to be the next one to post a happy family photo

and congratulate my son publicly!

I dutifully videoed his walk across the stage and beamed at him from my seat in the crowed gym.

After the long ceremony with over 70 kids, we made our way through the sea of people to greet our son with excitement and delight pouring out of us. I looked around for the perfect place to serve as our backdrop and once I spotted it, I gathered my family up to start taking pictures BUT

much to my surprise, my son DIDN’T WANT TO TAKE ANY PICTURES! WHAT?!

But… I had rehearsed in my mind exactly how this was going to go! My husband wore a suit and I got up early so I could do my hair and makeup! No pictures? That never entered my mind. We tried to convince him, but he said. “no, I just want to get out of here!”

I was resolute in my wish (need) to take more pictures, so we managed to start with one of him and his teacher. We asked her to take a picture of us all together and it was horrible (not post worthy at all – you know the kind!). GREAT! That was as long as we could keep his attention and he was out – flat out refusing to take more pictures.

I admit, I tried to shame him into taking more and said, “why can’t you just do this for us? This is a moment for us all to celebrate and EVERYONE else is doing it!”

My son just looked at me with anger and rolled his eyes. I should have known better than to try to shame him…

So. nothing to share and no great moment captured where we could look back with great fondness. I pouted. The rest of my day was ruined because I didn’t get to boast about my boy and his graduation.

Then in a moment of reflection, I remembered what I tell my clients, that it’s a good practice to let go of the way things SHOULD LOOK and accept them for what they are...for what is.

Oh, riiiiiiight! I love it when my words come back to metaphorically slap me in the face! It’s ok, I needed it!

Had I been less involved in what I was needing, I would have recognized that he wasn’t trying to ruin my future Facebook post (brag) but rather, he was feeling really anxious and needed to leave so he could be calm.

I ended up not posting anything and let go of the fact that things don’t always look like other people’s lives and I can be ok with that. Instead, I did a quick selfie of him and I in the hall at school that I’ve posted below. This is good enough for me. Besides, we were there to witness his grad, right there in that moment – that's the important part…not a public post.

I don’t need the world of Facebook to think we had a perfect moment, because we didn’t. I don’t need to wish it was different, because it is what it is.

Denying what is, just causes me more pain and makes my kids think who they are isn’t good enough and they are enough, exactly the way they are. ❤️️

P.S. I couldn’t stop my hubby from posting a couple pictures…but this was my lesson not his! 😉

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