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What My Clients are Saying

What My Clients are Saying

Kim & Aaron F.

Vancouver, BC

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Robbin on the Ultimate Parent Success program. 

Initially my husband was quite skeptical of the process but we both realized that while we were confident in our parenting style, there is always room for improvement and things to learn. 

 The course work was informative BUT working with Robbin took it to a much deeper level.  Robbin was able to tell where we could dig deeper and our comfort level. 

 Robbin is such a warm, caring and thoughtful person that both my husband and I felt very comfortable opening up to her, knowing that she had our best interest at heart. 

 Being open to this process and with our children about what we were working on, has improved the communication within our family tremendously. 

 I would highly recommend working with Robbin to all parents.  She gave us the tools to navigate through the varies situations that arise each day in parenting. 

Vanessa B. 

Fort Mill SC

“I will be forever grateful to Robbin for this journey together so far. All of it is coming full circle. I’ve been able to have very long conversations over the with my oldest daughter by using the tools I’ve learned from you and having the clarity of why we act and feel about what’s going on, in whatever situation we’re in. I am able to calm her down and talk about limiting beliefs, operating from an emotional levels and low vibrations, flight or flight. She gets it now and it really inspired her to want to get clarity and let go of her hurt and beliefs.

Robbin is a beautiful soul and I thank God for her and for who she has been to me. I thank Robbin for really getting me and understanding me.”

Jane A. 

Langley, BC

When I first met Robbin, I felt frazzled, frustrated, and like an inadequate mom to a 6 year old little girl.  I wanted my daughter to overcome her picky eating habits. I soon learned it was not just about my daughter being a picking eater, but overall how we communicated and interacted together.   I learned everyday tools that help me cope with the small day-to-day things, and also bigger long-term solutions. Our new boundaries are having such a positive impact on my entire family as a whole

I learned how valuable “me time” is and how not to feel guilty about it. 

I am now a happy and confident Mom feeling joyful and connected with my daughter.

Parenting for Connection has been life-changing for me as a mother and also as a person.

Dr. Deno

Boston, MA

Robbin’s beautiful heart and passion shine through in her coaching and everything she does. 

In a short period of time, Robbin was able to help me shift something fundamental related to my career that has held me back and made me miserable for years.  I was able to see how I was directly sabotaging myself and creating artificial limitations. 

Robbin helped me find a new belief that fully embraces who I want to be in the world as a mom and a doctor.  I felt immediately comfortable with Robbin, and I am deeply grateful.

Allison B.

Los Angeles, CA

Robbin took me through the most amazing program, which has transformed how I experience parenting every single day. Instead of being triggered in frustration I can now see how every time there is a challenge it is a moment for connection with my children. My relationship with my children has become so filled with ease and joy, and Robbin’s insights and support as she carried me through this program were spot on and extremely wise. I highly recommend doing this work with Robbin as she will guide you in amazing ways to accomplish your dream of a harmonious family life.

Kelly A.

North Carolina

Parenting for Connection is an amazing transformation program.  Robbin has allowed my family to become more united, more enjoyable and more calm.  As a parent I enjoyed the work I did week to week through this program because I could see the progress and the results, making me want to work on it more and more. 

Robbin was an amazing coach through the transformation and was always there for me when I needed the extra push or support.  I am forever grateful to Robbin for the shift in my family and the shift in myself.

Mozhgan S.

North Vancouver, BC

Finding Robbin and talking to her was the best investment I ever did in my parenting life !! She is simply amazing , so sweet and kind and understanding , makes you feel like you are the best parent , makes you believe in yourself and be kind to yourself and love and respect yourself and once you do that then you can become the best parent for your child/ren !! 
Thank you Robbin ❤️

Kelly H. 

The advice and counseling I have gotten from Robbin has been life changing! She challenges me to change the way I think and react to my kids! She's professional, respectable, and feels like your BFF from the beginning!!! Highly recommend if you want to improve your relationships with your kids and become present in the moment!

Children are not a distraction from more important work. 

They are the most important work.

~C.S. Lewis

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